Marriage, Divorce & Relationship Specialist

Gillian Sinclair

Relationship Transformation Specialist

Everyone experiences times in their relationship where life gets in the way or demands on our time creates a disconnect in the relationship. You can become so comfortable with the relationship that it becomes a routine and time is no longer set aside to nurture the relationship.

  • Relationship Counselling
  • Navigating Divorce
  • Overcoming Infidelity
  • Practice Advice on Divorce
  • Looking at how to create the future you deserve
  • Marriage Counselling
  • Healing from Infidelity
  • Is the marriage really over?
  • Taking positive steps to heal the emotional hurt and repair the relationship.

Any problems experienced in a relationship or divorce take up a great amount of your energy and thoughts on a daily basis and finding support and emotional and practical support is not easy.  I offer a way forward that enables you to take back your emotional power and be able to see the issues with clarity and practicality.   Emotions at these times can be overwhelming and make it difficult to deal with life in general, which is where my program empowers you to find your way through the emotional turmoil and begin to see the issues for what they are and how to overcome them.   Gaining the knowledge of what a divorce would actually encompass, looking at the options open to you and most of all finding who you are again. This can be achieved in person or over Skype, so wherever you are you can access the help and support you need.

The Marriage/Divorce questions are very beneficial to fill out and start the process of looking at the situation as it is and how to begin to move forward on your chosen path.  The cost of this will be deducted from your first booked session with me.

The eBook has great value in showing the areas to be considered, what the processes involved are and enable you to look at what decision is best for you.

When the only answer is Divorce, addressing the way to move forward amicably during the process. Creating ways to move forward with positivity after Divorce, navigating a Separation and steps to take to work on moving forward and addressing the family dynamic during these challenging times.

A relationship crisis affects every aspect of your life, draining your energy mentally and physically. It can feel a very lonely place to find yourself. Which is where I can support and help you through. With a wealth of experience in this field I can help you navigate your way through the roller coaster of emotions and challenges. Supporting you with emotional and practical solutions along with the tools you will find invaluable as you move through and beyond this time in your life.

When you contact me; I will send you a very useful list of questions that will help you have a clearer view on how you want to move forward. If you buy the divorce eBook, which not only has a lot of very useful valuable information in it, but when you attend your first session with me I will refund the cost of the book.