BWRT Master Coach

Gillian Sinclair

The BWRT Coaching programme is an exciting and dynamic methodology combining the best of BWRT Level 1 and the most efficient elements of Warriors, Settlers & Nomads and the unique SymbioDynamics® goal-achevement system. This combination allows you to work on almost anything where guidance and support is required.

The BWRT® Coaching programme is several steps ahead – of more traditionally-based methods because it searches out and resolves the hidden conflicts and contraindicators that are inherent in the human psyche. It will allow you to achieve effective help with:

  • Performance Enhancement
  • Career ladder-climbing
  • Battles at boardroom level
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Sports Performance
  • Life Goals
  • Group Facilitation
  • Management Issues
  • Relationship Problems
  • Weight Management

Anywhere coaching is needed this BWRT programme reaches parts of the psyche other parts don’t even observe! You can find out more about SymbioDynamics here