Client Testimonials

Gillian Sinclair


Gill is a caring, results focused coach who I had the pleasure of working with to increase my reading speed. Before I worked with Gill, reading was slow, painful and difficult and I would always have to keep going back to read things because my mind would wander and I’d lose focus. Now when I read I no longer have this it’s effortless thanks to her approach and the technique. It’s an amazingly fast process which achieves lasting results, well worth it. I have a list of other things I want to shift, so I’ll definitely be back for more sessions and please keep me posted about the training. I recommend BWRT for anyone wanting to change or improve something holding them back in life.

My fear of snakes resulted from seeing a python at home in Malaysia at a very young age.  I have lived with this fear since then, can’t look at snakes on the TV, go into the snake-house at the zoo and pretty much stay away from anywhere where snakes may be present.

Thoroughly enjoyed the 1 hour session this afternoon with Gill and my fear of looking at snakes (even on a screen) has diminished as if by magic!!  Gill’s warmth and friendliness made me feel at ease immediately and I felt very comfortable to allow somebody to help me get over this fear.  I’m not a fan of hypnosis or other similar therapies which, in my head, means that somebody is getting into my psyche but BWRT seems to be a different and a faster way to fix the problem I had.  I started the session being unable to look at pictures of snakes on my ipad and at the end I was able to appreciate the colours of different snakes + even look at  a few videos of large snakes moving :-).  Thank you Gill!!!